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Give your story an opportunity

Interested in moving to Germany?

It is easier than you think because we accompany you through the process as experts with a team of lawyers and consultants.


New Opportunity was built in 2019 by two entrepreneurs in Stuttgart, Germany. The aim was to consult its clients about opportunies to continue their lives in Germany in the Job they've learned. 




First we learn

In order to provide you the right consultation we need to know YOU!

There is no one size fits it all

Then we aim

In order you come to Germany, you need to fulfill the requirements. After we've learned your needs, we provide you with the right services, from which you and only you choose and customize your own package.


Bureauctatic operations

We've partnered with Lawyer Engin Sanli to provide you with the best visa consultation. In Germany, people outside the law are not allowed to inform or discuss with you about the visa requirements or the application process for it.

Job opportunities

Our network is growing day by day, which enables the highest chances for our applicants to get a job and start straight when they arrive in Germany.


Doctors need to pass the approval procedure to practice medicine in Germany. We made an exclusive partnership in Germany for this reason. Our agreements are either you come to Germany, work as a Doctor, and go through the process at the same time, or you can first pass the process to get certified.

And much more

newO is providing every service you need for the process between you in your home country, and you work and live in Germany. From the german language to rent a home or even transport your furniture to Germany. Just do it and get it to touch with us!



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