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We're the bridge between you and your opportunities, and we are here to connect your paths.


New Opportunity was built in 2019 by two entrepreneurs in Stuttgart, Germany. Their aim wasn’t only closing the employment gap in Germany; newO came alive to give human’s the chance from a non-European country to come to Europe and work under better conditions. Europe has always attracked others because of its high-class social environment. Till today, people came by different ways to Europe, even some dangerous ways, but we say that all that isn’t necessary and you don’t need to risk your life for a better future. Our mindset didn't allow us such things as not impossible, because there is always a way, and newO want to be the light on everyone's approach to Europe. Our philosophy is that, we care about every individual and want to show that the future has just begun in a place where a normal human being has value! We believe in what we do because we have strong partnerships which brought us here. Just go to apply and give us your information, we’ll make a check on your personal data for free and tell you the opportunities you have.


Team newO

Mr. Aslan is a successful and experienced Consultant with a sustainable network in Germany. He is a Mechanical Engineer, studied at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, and he is involved politically in Germany. He is a co-founder and board member of newO.

A. Anıl Aslan

CO-Founder & Executive Director 

newO Cooperations

Mr. Duezguen is a Data Scientist and experienced Consultant. He finished two Master degrees in the United States and moved to Germany afterward to start newO, bringing a worldwide network in his pockets with himself.  

Uğur Düzgün

CO-Founder & Executive Director 


newO Cooperations

Engin Şanlı


Engin Sanli is a Lawyer in Germany. He is specialized in immigration law and is very famous for it in Germany. He is the person, newspapers are going to about immigration law questions to quote him in the articles, and those are Germany's most prominent newspapers and magazines, like Bild Zeitung or Spiegel. We're proud to have him as our significant cooperation. Additionally, Mr. Sanli is very active in politics in Germany.