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 New Opportunity (newO) consults you about how you can come from a non-European Country to Germany. The system, newO is working with, is very easy to apply and follow. There is basically the two step application system, which you can read below. The first step is completely free and not binding. We need to see your data to be able telling you with which Visa you could come to Germany.

The First Step is as following: 


Go to apply, choose your category, and submit your application.


You will get an answer within 1-7 working days.


The answer will be: approved or denied for an application.


Regarding the last step, you are free to choose whether

  1. You would like to apply without any further help of newO

  2. You would like to be professionally accompanied by us through the entire application process.

If you choose the second option and apply with the help of newO. The second step is as following:


You need to choose the services you want and need. The very basic is just professional recognition and Visa which you must choose.


Sign the contract and make the first payment. This is a security for you from our side and shows that we are representing you.


You get your online account, you need to sign in and provide us with all the informations we need to start the professional recognition. 


We as newO beginn the process of your professional recognition which takes at minimum 3 months. At the very same time, you can start learning German and pass the exams, if you don't have it yet.


After the professional recognition goes through, we apply for you Visa and you can come to Germany. 


Everything form here on is an extra you could book as our client.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask us.